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What is a Company Code?

A Company Code is a unique five-digit number used to identify a specific participating employer/client in the EV Advantage database.

What is a User Name and Password?

A username and password will be created by a verifier, employee, or Social Service user of the EV Advantage system upon initial registration.   The username and password will be required each time the user logs into the EV Advantage system.   If assistance is needed, please contact 877-783-0240 or

How do I create a Salary Authorization Code?

For security and privacy reasons, a verifier cannot create a Salary Authorization Code.  Only the employee or former employee of the employer can create a Salary Authorization Code.  If you are a verifier and need to be able to obtain historical payroll information for an applicant/employee, the applicant/employee must create an account under the “Employee” section of  Once the account has been created and approved, the applicant/employee can create a one-time use Salary Authorization Code (multiple Salary Authorization Codes may be created, up to 5 at one time).  The applicant/employee can provide the Salary Authorization Code to a verifier to obtain current year’s earnings as well as the prior two year’s salary information.  Once the Salary Authorization Code has been used it cannot be used again.  If the Salary Authorization Code has not been used within 30 days, the Code will expire and not be valid.   To view payroll data again another Salary Authorization Code will be needed.  If assistance is needed, please contact 877-783-0240 or

Why do I need a Salary Authorization Code?

In order to protect the privacy of their employees, our clients/employers require that verifiers obtain a Salary Authorization Code from participating employees when viewing confidential historical payroll information.

What is a Salary Authorization Code?

A Salary Authorization Code is a nine-digit code that allows a verifier to view employee's income information. A verifier does not need a salary key if they only need to view an employee's employment information. There are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to Salary Authorization Code
  • A verifier cannot create a Salary Authorization Code. Instead, they must obtain a Salary Authorization Code from the person whose employment and income information they are trying to verify.
  • A Salary Authorization Code only provides one-time access to a persons income data. If a verifier needs to verify an employee's income information for a second time (i.e. at a later date) they will need to obtain a new Salary Authorization Code.
  • If a verifier is trying to view an employee's income information for the time they spent with different employers, the verifier will need a new Salary Authorization Code for each employer.

What is a Record?

A record is a secure report from the EV Advantage database outlining an employee/former employee’s employment information.  Depending on the type of VOE ordered, this information may include:  dates of employment, rate of pay, position held, location of employment, current supervisor, bonus amounts, taxes withheld, and other labor/employment information specific to our client/employer.

What is an Employer?

An Employer is an organization that uses EVAdvantage to provide secure and immediate access to employment and income information about its employees.

What is an Employee?

An Employee is a person who has worked for a participating employer and whose employment and income information is available on the EVAdvantage system.

What is a Verifier?

A Verifier is a person or organization that is trying to verify a persons employment or income information. Verifiers include such organizations as
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Other Lenders
  • Prospective Employers
  • Social Service Agencies

How Often is EVAdvantage Database Updated?

In most cases, the data in the EVAdvantage database is updated every pay period.

Where Does the Data on EVAdvantage Database Come From?

The data in our EV Advantage secured system is provided by our clients/employers on a regular basis. EV Advantage secures this information and reports VOE’s to verifiers and employees on a per request basis through our on-line program.

What is EVAdvantage?

EV Advantage is a secure online database that verifiers such as lenders, prospective employers and social service providers can use to verify the employment and wage information of our clients’ employees. Millions of records are provided by our clients and are updated on a weekly basis.